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‌‌‌Travel To Iran

!Travel to Iran for nose surgery is quite safe, simple and cost-effective

steps for nose surgery in Iran for foreigners

Online consultation by email: dr.h.jahandideh@gmail.com

after confirmation of your request and fixing the price you can arrange the date of surgery

note: The average cost of nose surgery in Iran is cheaper than most countries in the world and it depends on your nose; meanwhile as we have highest number of rhinoplasty in the globe, we afford you the best possible results with highest standards

 :Citizens of most of the countries can obtain Visa On Arrival in main Iran International airports. For more information please visit


After your arrival we provide you airport transfer, lab test, imaging studies, medical consultations and photographies. We can also help you for accommodation according to your request

You should stay here for 8 days: 1 day before surgery for direct examination and consultation, 7 days for surgery, recovery, and dressing removal. You can fly your home safely after 8 days

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information